Use a Graduate to Get Out of your Rut

Get Out of your RutVolumes increase and there are not enough hours in the day to do it. Day after day. Sounds like you need to get out of your rut.

Perhaps time to take a step back. Maybe you’re working in the business too much rather than on the business?

Once you’ve recognised the need to take action to get out of your rut, the next question is how to resolve it?

Where a Graduate can Help

If you’ve not enough hours in the day, maybe you need someone to pass some pieces of work down to. I’m guessing you would’ve passed it to your staff by now if they could take it on. So its probably additional resource you need.

A graduate, and it doesn’t really matter on the degree they have, will have developed a wide range of transferable skills at University.

Transferable skills include problem solving, communication, analysis, project management. Often these are the skills lacking in existing staff with a strong technical skill e.g. finance, sales, production. Who perhaps then struggle to develop their roles beyond their technical comfort zone as the company develops and grows.

A graduate can be brought in on a project basis.

A graduate can be brought in on a project basis. Get them to perform analysis on your margins or sales or products. Get them to investigate where you have large stock losses. Get them to sort out your customer database to improve the leads you can pursue.

Supporting Existing Staff

Bringing in a graduate to do say a 3 month piece of work is to operate alongside existing staff. You’ve identified a skills gap which your staff cannot fill but a graduate can fill it to take the pressure off you.

existing staff initially can feel threatened by graduates

Often existing staff initially can feel threatened by graduates and may be wary of them for a few weeks. But if the scope of work for the graduate is clear and everyone knows why they’re in the company then the wariness quickly subsides.

Soon staff start to see the benefits of the graduate who can help them with problems, especially technological ones. Within a few months the graduate has filled the skills gaps, taken the pressure off you as business owner and provided support to your staff.

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