Tracking Britain’s Most Brutal Race

trackingThe Spine, Britain’s most brutal race took place recently. a continuous run within 7 days along the 268 mile Pennine Way. The competitors had to cope with wind, snow, plenty of rain and mist as well as lethal icy paving. The worst part was sleep deprivation. Only 30 completed out of 75 starters.

A lot of the time they were travelling through the night. One competitor covered 258 miles in 6 and a half days but couldn’t complete the final 10 miles and had to retire. We didn’t see the images until afterwards so could only imagine what they were going through.

Tracking the Competitors

What made this race different was the tracking. Each competitor had a tracking device which transmitted their position back on a regular basis. This made the race a lot safer given 45 retired, often not at checkpoints.

the spine tracking

The big plus was that it attracted a lot of armchair spectators. I didn’t know any of the competitors but was riveted to the map for 7 days seeing how they were all progressing. Coupled with this, there was a lot of commentary and pictures happening on Facebook.

montane spine

Business Tracking

I feel there are a lot of parallels between the appeal of The Spine from it’s tracking and the benefits to business by introducing methods for taking the guesswork out of management.

Sharing Information

The major plus from displaying the Spine tracking was being able to share the same whole experience with everyone. Imagine the benefits if your business had one pool of data which could be easily converted into useful information and shared with all employees.

Take it a step further. Imagine if each employee could have a personalised dashboard of information on their PC drawn from this common source of data. All of this is relatively easy to introduce with solutions like SAP Starter and many others

Website Analysis

Whilst mentioning dashboards, every business should have Google Analytics set up to monitor their website. It’s free & a no brainer.

Improving Quote conversion

If you send out a lot of quotes, a solution like Quoteroller will allow you to see when the recipient looks at the quote. A good trigger for a follow up and surely a good way to improve quote conversions.

Better Responses from Email Marketing

In a similar way to Quoteroller, it’s very easy to track who has looked at what in an email broadcast you’ve made, through free tools like Mailchimp. This helps follow up with those who’ve shown particular interest.

Improving Delivery on Time

If you have a process to manage, from order through production to delivery several tools exist, all providing information to help decision making to both operatives and managers. Shop Floor Data Collection where operatives record time spent on jobs as well as individual machines often having a form of volume tracking.

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