Why No-one Talks to Car Salesmen Anymore

car salesmenDon’t suppose too many people will shed tears at the demise of car salesmen. They haven’t created the best of reputations. But the internet has really dealt them one body blow after another.

Firstly, buying cars from online companies with few overheads has seriously undercut the retail car showroom. Their only comeback is whether it’s safe in making large internet purchases, but as people get used to the internet, this have diminishing relevance.

the number of car dealerships we visit before making a purchase has dropped from 5 to 1.6

Perhaps more damaging is where customers go to research. According to a recent McKinsey report, in the last 10 years the number of car dealerships we visit before making a purchase has dropped from 5 to 1.6.

Ten years ago without the internet, we’d explore our options by speaking to the salesmen. These days we do it online and just speak to them to finalise the deal.

Your business is like a car showroom

The example of the car showroom can be applied to most businesses. Your prospective clients will carry out their research online and make up their minds online.

They will buy online for lower cost, easily specified products, such as from Amazon. Or they will buy in person for larger, more complex, more personal products and services.

 “buying in person” is more of a confirmation

And that “buying in person” is more of a confirmation and rubber-stamping than it is a major choice between options.

Stand out in the Research

When I researched before buying my latest vehicle, it struck me how poor most of the car dealership websites were to assist in my research.

They added no value in my research and decision making process. All they did was list and sell cars. Surely allowing me to receive a simple alert to tell me when they had a vehicle in which matched my criteria would’ve persuaded me to go and visit them?

What form of researching will your own prospective customers carry out?

You want them to find your website first. That could be through SEO and keywords or having a lot of referrers & inbound links.

They should feel confident in the message your website is putting across. Building credibility is crucial; the “About” page is one of the most visited pages for service businesses.

Finally give them a means of making an enquiry or asking a question.

No where in this process has the word “selling” been mentioned.

Most visitors to your website will be in “inform” mode. Only when a decision has been made do they switch to “buy” mode. That is when they return having decided to buy from you.

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