Lose Your Graduate in 6 Easy Ways

lose your graduateTaking on a graduate makes you feel good. Maybe it was you in that position once. They can breath new life into your business.

But then they leave. After all that effort to find one, you lose your graduate within a year.

Here are 6 easy ways to keep on losing graduates, not attract quality and fail to get the best out of them.

1. No plan or contract

Recruit a graduate into a new position without a clear idea on what they have to achieve. They will undoubtedly do their best but without any guidance this is likely to be different to what you were expecting. Then being told what they’ve done isn’t right won’t do anything for their confidence.

Just to push the point home, make sure they don’t have a contract so any agreed working practices are assumed and holidays are at the discretion of the owner. It does mean of course they can leave without giving any notice.

2. No mentoring or management

All graduates I speak to are keen to be mentored

All graduates I speak to are keen to be mentored and given a steer in their first job. So to ensure you lose them quickly give them a vague task to do with no guidance or deadline. Don’t tell them the reason for it but then suddenly tell them its urgent.

3. Don’t listen to them

Graduates have spent 3 years developing knowledge and skills in University. This is a higher level than you get from non graduate staff.

They’ll quickly get fed up if you treat them like a junior, don’t listen to their opinion and don’t recognise what they can offer.

4. No responsibility

The graduate may be seen as a threat to existing staff

“Graduates aren’t tuned in to the real world. They’ve come from academia. Right? How can you trust them with any responsibility. They’re a liability with grandiose ideas which don’t align to the business.”

I bet some of your staff will harbour these thoughts. The people who manage the graduate. The graduate may be seen as a threat to existing staff who don’t gain anything by allowing them to fit into the organisation.

5. No training or career progression

They are at the start of their career with your company. You have taken them on in the understanding they will stay with you for the long term.

However, if you offer no career progression or training, the next step in their career is unlikely to be with your company.

6. Lousy reputation

If you successfully achieve the 6 points above, you will have developed a lousy reputation as an employer. No sane graduate will want to work for you. Job done!

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