Bite Sized Project Case Study

Juan Marino Bono

About the Graduate

Juan attended the BiY Enterprise Exchange in November 2013. He was seeking a first position in the UK after completing a degree in Spain and a masters in the UK. Of the 12 graduates in the Enterprise Exchange, he was the one who showed the most interest & enthusiasm towards the role.

About the Client

Yamato Scale Dataweigh (UK) Ltd in Leeds is a £6m engineering subsidiary assembling, repairing & selling capital equipment and providing after sales service, spares and training. It supplies weighing equipment primarily to the food manufacturing industry.

Scope of the Project

The client required a graduate for a month to support two roles. Firstly holiday cover was required for the ledger controller who was on holiday over year end. Secondly, it was a great cost effective project for a graduate to generate the overhead budgets prior to the start of the new financial year.

How did we deliver the project?

Juan spent a day with Lesley, the ledger controller taking copious notes. He then allocated a set period each day to stay on top of her work.

With the budgets, I gave him the Excel budget model we had used the previous year and an outline of what he had to achieve. We kept in touch using Basecamp, email and Skype. Towards the end of the project we met on site to review & finalise the budgets.

What was the outcome?

Juan ensured everything was correctly posted and up to date at year end. This meant the company had no processing backlog before starting the year end.

There was a real attention to detail by Juan in preparing the budgets, who completed an excellent piece of work on time.

He was enthusiastic to learn about the year end preparation work being carried out by the Financial Controller. In doing so, he recognised a lot of the analysis he had done for the budgets could also be useful for year end. We therefore extended the scope of his project to provide a lot of the back up for the auditors tax schedules.

Quantify the lasting benefits for the client

This work only lasted a month but in that time, Juan’s enthusiasm for knowledge showed the other staff how their work could be done more effectively if they were to question things more.

We continue to work with the client who regularly ask for updates on Juan’s progress. He was well liked and did a good job in a short time.

Feedback by the Graduate

I started working in a project with Martyn to design the budget of Yamato Dataweigh of 2014. He gave me freedom to move in the company and talk to all staff to get input and coordinate with directors, analyse the information given and work with deadlines. As well as I have a free access to the accountancy of the company and I could research all the points that I needed to check of the past expenses to make my forecast.

Besides this, I also covered the role of the ledger keeper when she went holidays, managing invoices, remittances, statement… also having direct contact with clients and suppliers related ledger issues and I could achieving a huge understanding of the running of the company.

I have been working in a delighting environment, with the help of the staff and Martyn, in which I felt a very valuable member of the team optimizing my work. Martyn was always open to hear and consider all my ideas giving accurate invaluable advices to develop them.

He gave me my first opportunity in the UK and I tried to give him back all the confidence that he put on me doing an accurate forecast in the budgets, based in a deep accounts breakdowns research and a very closely work with the staff to design a specific budget to each department.

He trust in my skills and the liberty that he gave me was the key to find the points that the accountancy could be improved, and with his support we change few points which made the finance work more efficient and the budgets more accurate and easier to do in the future.

I have learned a wealth of accountancy, and also I could develop a big confidence in my personal and professional skills, but the benefits were not only for me. The work that I did, by the method based in the Martyn’s mentored programme was more useful for the company that other could have been done following a traditional method.

The scope of the results can be measured in a lot of ways. The goal of the project have been achieved successfully, with high rates of efficiently, low cost for the company and optimizing the time of the internal employees on it therefore they have more time for day-to-day task. On the other hand, I could put into practice my excel skills and my financial and managerial knowledge, with a very close and effective team work with the staff, enjoying every single minute developing the project.

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