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The Enterprise Exchange brings University students & graduates together with small business owners.

We look for graduates who have an enterprising outlook and would fit into a small company. We get them “business ready” by helping them to understand what makes a small business tick and how they can best gain a challenging role.

Business owners bring their biggest problem to the Exchange to challenge the students & graduates to solve. They will ask questions, suggest solutions then as a group present a business proposal to the owner.

The Exchange gives the owner who wants to take on a graduate an opportunity to assess them in a working environment. It skips the hassle & cost of recruitment & avoids the need to create a job profile & go through a series of interviews.

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University of Bradford Enterprise Exchange – May 2014

EE May149 students attended, mainly in their final year at the University of Bradford. Three of the students were offered positions by one of the business owners at the end of the day and the other owner has subsequently placed a University of Bradford graduate in his company.

The first company is growing rapidly. It is a technology company dealing with a number of large companies such as the Royal Mail & NHS Trusts who have a problem in generating the information they require from the data they capture.

The second company is part of a larger financial group, and again is growing quickly. It provides an outsourced procurement service to businesses so their staff can focus on the core operations.

We held the event over one day with the business owners participating for half a day. After an introductory session with the students on life in a small business, the business owners arrived with their biggest problem.

We split into 2 groups where the owner was asked questions about the problem & given suggested solutions. Each group then created a formal business proposal and presented to the owner.

Great feedback from the students, which mirrored the feedback from the November 2013 event.


BiY Enterprise Exchange – Nov 2013

12 graduates attended in November 2013 of whom nine had got work within 4 months.

This particular event lasted for two half days and included two business owners who outlined a business problem. The group asked questions, proposed solutions and as a group presented their recommendations.


BiY Grad Academy Survey screenshot q1 BiY Grad Academy Survey screenshot q2


After taking part in the workshop I now feel fully prepared to take on the challenges small businesses face. The process has shone a bright light upon how my graduate skills can benefit businesses who may currently be unaware of the solutions available

BiY Grad Academy Survey screenshot q3 BiY Grad Academy Survey screenshot q4

Brilliant platform that helps graduates unleash their raw talent in a real business environment.

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