Forget the Grades – find a Graduate fitting your Culture

graduate fitting your cultureForget the grades. It’s a formulaic approach recruiters take with large companies. Surely for your small company you should find a graduate fitting your culture?

Smaller owner managed businesses have a unique culture. This is heavily influenced by you, the owner. It is an extension of the way you like to work, your skills & experience and your interests.

Your staff have moulded they way they operate to fit within this culture. If they don’t get on with you as the owner in a small company, there is only going to be one loser.

Perhaps you need some fresh thinking

Taking on a graduate is a bit different. They bring an extra element to your company. Perhaps there are skills gaps your existing staff cannot fill and overloading you with work. Perhaps you need some fresh thinking to add a spark to the business.

Grades mean little. First class honours students may have spent all their time studying and possess no work experience. Better to have a 2:2 who can hit the ground running with developed communication skills. If you get on with them, and they will get on with your staff, customers and suppliers, surely that’s the decision made?

So where do you find the graduates? University careers departments and certain faculties are keen for companies to take on placements. By this I mean students part way through their course who can work part time for 6-12 months.

I work closely with several Yorkshire Universities in this area. For Bradford University, I’m currently meeting local business owners interested in a student to determine how a placement or graduate could improve their business.

Some Universities are really switched on to small businesses

Not all Universities are the same. Some Universities are really switched on to small businesses, like Bradford and Huddersfield. Others are lagging behind and have some way to go. The top Universities have a heavier focus on research and worth working with if you need their knowledge.

I run “business ready” workshops for students about to graduate who add to my small network of graduates. I can call upon them when clients need a student for a project. Beyond that, I call upon trusted recruiters.

Students who have graduated are no longer within the University net so its not quite so easy to locate them. United Recruitment, a Yorkshire based recruitment company have a bespoke approach & specialise in small companies including graduates. I work with them because they aren’t formulaic. I also work with Yorkshire Graduates.

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