Employing a Graduate – 6 Things to Consider

employing a graduate
Have you ever considered employing a graduate? Apart from the time it takes to source a decent one, there’s the risk of them not working out.

Yesterday I met a friend who has recently employed 5 young animators working on a big media project. He’s working 7 days a week to meet the deadlines so has little spare time.

If one of the graduates does not pull his or her weight it has a massive impact on his schedule. They have to learn to muck in and work for the benefits of the team.

Unlike in the corporate environment, there’s no hiding place.

Unlike in the corporate environment, there’s no hiding place. The responsibility given to them is huge.

A small company can benefit massively by employing a graduate, but what things should you first consider?

1. Challenge

What is the reason for seeking additional staff? What challenge or problem has triggered this action i.e. what is the role you’re looking for a graduate to fill?

2. Qualification

Why is it someone of a graduate level you need? Why not an apprentice or school leaver? They’ll be cheaper. What elements of the role could only be done by someone of a graduate level? If you have 2 roles to fill are they both suitably challenging roles for graduates? Or would it work better to have 1 graduate and 1 more junior person?

3. Qualities/Skills

What personal qualities are you looking for
What personal qualities are you looking for from the graduate? Which of these qualities would you expect to have been developed whilst at University? What skills are you expecting them to possess?

4. Timeframe

Is the role full time or part time? Can 1 full time role be split into 2 part time positions? If it is part time, you can consider undergraduate placements which would be cheaper.

5. Duration

Are the responsibilities routine in nature or are you looking for the person to deliver change or improvement? If the former, a permanent or temp to perm is appropriate. If the latter then a fixed term project should be considered.

6. Mentoring

Can the business provide a mentor?
Graduates and placements will deliver better results & show greater loyalty if they have a clear remit and a mentor for assurance. Can the business provide a mentor?

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