Have you done my Powerpoint slides?

powerpoint slidesIt’s coming up to that time again – the quarterly presentation to the investors. For my client this involves updating the projects, reworking a financial forecast and preparing powerpoint slides.

He has to present it in his own style to put his point across. Maybe it’s for additional investment, or approval of a new project. Or giving bad news about a downgrade of the forecast.

Yet the content is cobbled together in a very functional way to meet this necessity of having to share the information with outside parties.

So he turns up presenting content created by a number of staff, in a variety of styles, all at odds with his own personality.

And wonders why his message doesn’t get across.

Don’t Leave it Until the Last Minute

We all get too wrapped up in the day to day operations of the business and my client is no different. He’s a good Managing Director and good at developing the business.

He knows his weaknesses and one is presenting and putting his point across. Maybe one solution is to go on a course for presentation skills.

But I doubt that will solve his other problem of lack of time.

Instead of it being a last minute mad rush just before the meeting, we’ve agreed it should be a more continuous process. A lot of what needs to be done could be delivered by a graduate who possesses strong analytical and presentational skills. And that’s to be our solution.

It means we get small and regular input from the Managing Director. I’ll provide the graduate with a steer on the structure so the presentation can become a lot more professional and represent the personality of the Managing Director.

I suppose it’s what the politicians do before speaking in public to get the right message across and not be misquoted or misinterpreted. Those who don’t get it right, such as UKIP, get roundly ridiculed in the press.

The presentation is only the tip of the iceberg

The presentation is only the tip of the iceberg though – they are the highlights we want to share. There are a lot of backing facts and figures, that need to be robust and easily updated. The backing is needed if the Managing Director has to support what he is saying.

And there lies the other problem which the graduate can also solve. My client is not very good with Excel either!

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