4 Ways of Getting the Best from Graduates

best from graduatesWhat makes a graduate more valuable to you than a non graduate?

Sure, they have gained extra skills at University. But these are only of use if they add value to your business.

How do you employ graduates in the right role to bring out these skills? Should they simply fill a vacancy?

a return of £5.30 for every £1 of investment

Perhaps it is an opportunity to change roles… Continue reading →

5 Business Ready Qualities a Graduate Can Aim For

business ready

I like graduates with practical common sense. With a positive attitude and determination. And above all, maturity. These are graduates I’d consider to be “business ready”.

The 5 business ready qualities that impress me in a graduate relate less to academic achievement but more to strength of character.

1 Entrepreneurial flair

the potential to become a director at a very early age

In a small business graduates are a big… Continue reading →

Opportunities for Graduates in SMEs: Why It’s Failing

opportunities for graduates in smesIt’s a myth that graduates do not want to work in a small business.

In a recent report Graduates into Smaller Businesses Research Project 2013 by GTI Media, a tiny c 15% of the permanent jobs were with the blue chip companies. They are the ones active on University campuses.

Not every graduate is suited to joining the corporate world. Many don’t have the grades. So where are the… Continue reading →

6 Ways to Plug the Skills Gap


As a small business owner, you have to be a jack of all trades but master of none. You have to deal with most of the issues that larger businesses face but without the range of staff to delegate to. True your volumes may be lower but the risks you face are undoubtedly a lot higher.

The temptation may be to employ more staff to help out. However are you… Continue reading →