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Allocating a mentor to a graduate is a proven way to get good performance.
New graduates value a mentor to give them direction and reassurance. Graduates have a lot of great ideas but need confirmation these will work in the real world.

We source the graduates & mentor them on projects for clients to deliver measurable business improvements to the business. Projects typically last an initial 6 months with the option to extend if the scope grows.

The benefits of using the Programme

  • Saves you the time and hassle of sourcing & interviewing lots of graduates without any guarantee of quality
  • We can employ the graduate, if you cannot or do not want to commit to employing them yourself
  • Finding a graduate is only the start. Do you have the time a graduate needs for training and support in their first real job to get the best from them?
  • We use graduates in a tightly managed project which delivers results quickly and to time. Do you or your staff have project management skills to deliver results in the same timescale and cost?
  • At the end of the project, you have the opportunity to offer the graduate a full time job in your organisation.

How it works

Initially we’ll meet the business owner to discuss business problems and how we can best solve these with a graduate
If you decide to proceed with a project, we’ll spend up to a day on site gathering information then create a business case showing the project scope & target improvements.
From a pool of screened graduates, two will be put forward for selection by the business owner. There is the option for more if neither of them are suitable. The graduate can be employed either by the business or by us.
Once the graduate starts, we’ll set up a series of projects aligned to the original business case. The graduate will gather requirements from staff to support the projects. We’ll spend initial time on site until you’re comfortable with the graduate & they have full understanding of the projects
Most days we’re in contact with the graduates, usually Skype, & share tools to track the projects.
Each month we’ll come on site for a project review with the business owner & a review with the graduate of their personal development.
As the project nears the end, we’ll support the graduate in their next move and work with the business owner if there is a desire to offer the graduate a full time role.

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