Considering taking on a Graduate
or University Placement?
We want you to get the best outcome for your business
and the best out of the student. There may be more to it
than just filling a vacancy.
Why do you
need a student?
If you take on a student, you want to get the most from their
skills, knowledge and enthusiasm. Maybe their skills can
solve more of your problems than you realise if you shaped
their role differently? Do they have to fill a permanent
vacancy or would it be better to use them on a fixed term
project to deliver improvements?
Type of student
For small businesses, it is important that the student fits
with you and the culture of your business. Consider this
above their grades, University or degree course. First or
second year undergraduate placements work well when
you need part timers for up to a year. Graduates have
higher levels of skill than a placement and are available to
work full time, either in a role or on a fixed term project.
Problems they
can solve
We employ graduates and placement in practical
business roles for small businesses.  They can be used
to implement a new business system, run a marketing
campaign, reduce stock levels, develop customer
presentations or analyse sales, customers, margins and
products. Take a look at the case studies for more
If you have a specific graduate level role to fill, we can
search the network of graduates we have access to and
deal with the recruitment.  Where your issue is more
about research, development or innovation, we can
signpost you to the relevant University to deal with
they offer
Graduates have learnt the theory in University and are
confident and keen to apply it to the real world.  Their
enthusiasm often rubs off on permanent staff which
helps them find their lost spark
Specialist Skills
We specifically look for graduates with strong analytical
skills, the ability to communicate at all levels & not
afraid to take responsibility.  Many of our graduates have
degrees in business & marketing.  Many may possess
additional skills which could be drawn upon during a
Technologically savvy
In a traditional business that hasn’t fully embraced the
latest technology, there is a massive potential for
improvement through fresh thinking in the use &
application of the latest tools, systems & business
Transferable skills
The core skills we look for in a student are:
Problem solving
Data analysis
Written & oral communication
they offer
Self Motivation
Through their studies, students have developed the
skills to manage their own time and prioritise their
workloads. This means on a project they are willing to
take on new challenges and are good at keeping to
Most graduates will have undertaken group projects
during their studies and employers often comment they
are excellent team players working closely with their
Undergraduate placements can be sourced from the
University and incur no recruitment fee. Finding a graduate
will generally incur a recruitment fee as it involves
developing a job description, searching the database and
providing a shortlist of graduates.
Grants and
Each University attracts grants and incentives, depending
on the type of work you want a graduate to do. Whenever we
speak to a business owner, we make sure we’re aware of the
grants and incentives available.
Mentoring and
developing the student
Students who take their first job after leaving University
are keen to use their skills and knowledge. But the
workplace is very different to the University environment.
Students feel it is very important to have a mentor to
discuss ideas and give reassurance and direction. In a
small business this would often be the owner. It is also a
service we offer.
Some students who join you decide to stay with you
For some it is a stepping stone in their career. Perhaps
to a larger company or self employment.  To best
manage the situation, it may be wise to expect to
replace them after 1-2 years with another student,
who may bring something new.
Finding Out More
Martyn would be happy to discuss this further with you.
You can get in touch by using the form below.
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