BiY Grad Business Academy Survey Results

grad business academy

In partnership with Business in Yorkshire (BiY), we have put 12 graduates through a rigorous 3 part workshop to get them “business ready” to work in smaller dynamic businesses.

I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality of their contributions. Plenty of creative thought, joined up thinking and practical suggestions.

The final stage will be an event on 5th December. We will bring the graduates together with owners interested in finding out how a graduate could help their business in 2014.

The Grad Business Academy has been a pilot; I’ve received interest from several Universities to repeat it for them in 2014.

Grad Business Academy Workshop Survey Results

I asked the graduates to complete a survey to provide some feedback. The 11 responses were very positive towards the workshop.

Q: Has the workshop changed your impression of working in a small business?

All 11 graduates responded either “a lot more favourable” or “a little more favourable” with 7 responding with the former.

Q: Which of the following would be most likely if you joined a small business?

  • Remain in a small business : 3
  • Use as a stepping stone to a larger business : 5
  • Use for gaining experience before working for myself : 6
  • Not sure : 3

Whilst the graduates were very positive towards working in a smaller business, it was seen in most cases as a piece of a larger picture for their career.

Q: To what degree are you more likely to find work following the workshop?

  • A lot more likely : 4
  • More likely : 5
  • Slightly more likely : 1
  • About the same : 1

This response was very pleasing and reinforces the success of the workshop and the increased confidence we brought to the graduates.

Q : When working in a small business, how important would it be to have a mentor?

  • Very important : 5
  • Quite Important : 4
  • Nice but not important : 2
  • Not particularly bothered : 0

I was aware that graduates regarded having a mentor favourably. However the strength of feeling was stronger than expected. This is perhaps a subject to raise with owners of smaller businesses to ask how they would deliver this expectation.

Overall impressions

After taking part in the workshop I now feel fully prepared to take on the challenges small businesses face. The process has shone a bright light upon how my graduate skills can benefit businesses who may currently be unaware of the solutions available.

The workshop helped me to link the theories taught in my degree course to real world issues and gave an insight into the world of small business.

Best opportunity to start shining in your professional career if you have talent

This workshop has helped to bridge the gap between my University studies and the real-world of small business. I can now better understand the issues facing small businesses and develop innovative approaches to resolve them.

The workshop was fantastic, it greatly inspired us to have more desirable knowledge to think and being innovative

A real, utilisable insight into the world of small business. The opportunity to speak with business owners and show them that graduate abilities, and thought could make a real difference to them was fantastic.

Brilliant platform that helps graduates unleash their raw talent in a real business environment.

Taking part in the academy has been a fantastic experience. It has given me confidence in my abilities and shown me how my unique skills can help small businesses. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.

This workshop helped me to gain further knowledge about challenges that face small business and how to overcome these challenges.

Beneficial in helping to fill the gap between university and working. By identifying common problems faced by smaller business and seeing how I can fit into that organisation by focusing on what I can offer them.

This workshop was clear , concise , was well organised and the information presented was informative allowing graduates to use in problem solving areas such as this. Overall fantastic workshop with very knowledgeable and experienced in business individuals /mentors.

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