5 Ways a Marketing Graduate Can Improve Sales

Marketing Graduates

Most small businesses could use technology better to improve sales and expand into new markets. With guidance, a marketing graduate could be a solution to this problem.

Your website has the potential to give you worldwide coverage. Supplemented by apps and software enabling the promotion of your goods and services and easy to set up payment channels, it opens up many new opportunities for businesses.

In practice, there needs to be an overall plan in place at the “helicopter view level” to make sure everything hangs together.

Hallam Internet have produced an extremely good map showing all strands of digital marketing.

Hallam Internet Digital Marketing Map

Perhaps the biggest problem is forming a judgement as to which strands would be useful to your business. You’ve probably been overwhelmed by people extolling virtues of “social media”. If you look at the map, it is only one small part of the equation

What message do you want to give to your target audience?

You need a clear picture of your audience. Who are they? These are the people you intend to market to. What message do you want to give to your target audience? Keyword Research is a core part of this exercise.

A lot of it is not too hard or costly to do. I’d say there are 5 areas on the map that a marketing graduate could improve sales in most small businesses:

1. Keyword Research (centre)

This is where you find out the words people type into Google to find products and services like yours. The results will probably make you question whether you’re targeting the right audience and may highlight new untapped business opportunities.

2. Website (purple line)

move them to a place where there is a “call to action”

You want to draw the visitor in to your website through the use of the right keywords. Then move them to a place where there is a “call to action”. This may be to contact you, give their email or order a product. You want to minimise visitors bouncing away.

3. Analytics (brown line)

Google Analytics can be installed for free on every website and is massively powerful. It can tell you number of visitors, effectiveness of keywords, number of visitors bouncing away. This only scratches the surface.

4. CRM & Email Marketing (blue line)

useful to have software like MailChimp

This is a fancy term for keeping track of your contacts. If you want to do any email marketing, you will need their current email and permission to broadcast to them. It is also useful to have software like MailChimp which tracks the responses of your contacts to any email broadcasts you send.

5. Social Media (green line)

You need a very tightly disciplined strategy on social media. It has the potential to soak up hours of time for little benefit. Use only the tools suitable for your business supplemented by apps that help you manage it easier, like Hootsuite.

I can help you create the plan if it’s daunting. If you need help to then make it happen, I can employ and mentor a graduate through my Mentored Graduate Programme, where we agree a project delivery and results.

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