5 Ways a Graduate can Help your Sales Director

help your sales director

If you’re not generating as many leads or opportunities as you’d like, it may be worth considering help of a different kind.

A graduate could help your Sales Director by approaching their problems from a different angle. Perhaps they help to focus on customer analysis.

Maybe your company isn’t up to date with technology; using a single business system where all staff use the same data which can be drilled into, the use of mobile devices for sales staff on the move. Have your competitors gained an advantage by already adopting this technology?

Your Sales Director will probably carry on chasing new sales using the data and technology provided to him, but is it time to help him out?

Here are 5 ways a graduate could help your Sales Director. The benefit comes from using graduates for projects to deliver the improvement – you don’t necessarily need to employ them full time.

Depending on the strength of your Sales Director and the time and skills they have, it would be worth the graduate being mentored to keep them focused. You may also benefit from support in determining the project scope and requirements at the start.

1. Analysing past and present customers for opportunities to follow up

For past and present customers, are you sure you’re offering them all the services you can? Maybe past customers have changed what they do. Do you have the full contact details of all customers to follow them up and inform them of new products or services?

2. Managing marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns need a fair bit of preparation of data and research beforehand. An effective campaign will have identified the target audience, the best medium to reach them and an expected set of results. Managing the campaign needs additional time and effort over and above the day job.

One of my graduates, Sarah managed a campaign for a client which generated orders within months, well in excess of her cost.

3. Researching customers in new markets

Drawing on their knowledge base to research customers in new markets is very much the forte of the Universities. It could be a good project for a first or second year student but would need regular mentoring and guidance.

4. Developing the website to attract more export sales

Perhaps your company sells products or services to customers who aren’t restricted to the local area. Does your website reflect this & is it attracting in export sales?

Maybe some research from point 3 and a campaign from point 2 can identify the right keywords so your optimised webpages can appear at the top of Google searches across the world.

5. Introducing mobile technology for remote sales staff

The analysis detailed in point 1 is dependent on gathering information about customers when they are visited. You need to make it easy for the salesman to share information. Modern systems are geared up to accept updates after a customer visit via mobile.

Getting a salesman mobile enabled can also increase the number of opportunities they can visit each day. They can view all the details of every customer, as can the office who can schedule their visits.

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