5 Business Ready Qualities a Graduate Can Aim For

business ready

I like graduates with practical common sense. With a positive attitude and determination. And above all, maturity. These are graduates I’d consider to be “business ready”.

The 5 business ready qualities that impress me in a graduate relate less to academic achievement but more to strength of character.

1 Entrepreneurial flair

the potential to become a director at a very early age

In a small business graduates are a big fish in a small pond. There is a lot less bureaucracy and decisions can be made quickly but generally after the approval of the owner or Board of Directors.

Getting the confidence of the owner & directors is the key. Once unlocked, the graduate has a great platform to show entrepreneurial flair and be given a lot of rope to apply the knowledge learned at University.

It opens up the potential to become a director at a very early age.

2 Desire for work

I like graduates who have gone out and got a job. In particular I feel customer facing sales roles are an invaluable grounding. This helps the graduate see things from the customers perspective.

To get things done throughout their career, the graduate will need strong communication and persuasion skills when dealing with customers, suppliers, staff and managers.

3 Outside interests

engage the interviewer on their outside interests

Life is not just about work. By the time they are looking for a job, a graduate will have had plenty of opportunity to achieve something in their life other than passing a degree.

Outside interests says to me they’re up for a challenge. They are an achiever. They are able to juggle work and a social life. In the future it gets whole lot harder if there is a family to add to the mix.

The smart graduates in interviews will engage the interviewer on outside interests. If the graduate has no interests to share, they’re not very interesting…

4 Research me and ask searching questions when we meet

I’m disappointed if graduates haven’t checked me out

Before I meet anyone, I will have researched that person through the web. It gives me things to talk to them about which I know they’ll be interested in. Graduates included.

I’m not shy in putting information about myself on the web. I’m disappointed if graduates haven’t checked me out. It’s reassuring to answer questions that proves they know about me and my company.

If they can’t do that, how can I feel confident about their initiative and tenacity when working for me?

5 Clear path

I’m especially interested to know what a graduate wants to do with their life.

The skills gained at University and work experience is often a good early guide to show where a natural talent exists. Has the graduate recognised the value they can yield from their best qualities?

It’s natural as a graduate to keep changing your mind on the path to take. During the Mentored Graduate Programme, I have a monthly meeting to discuss a graduates Continuing Professional Development.

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