4 Reasons to Rethink your Reluctance of Technology

Reluctance of TechnologyIt’s not so much a resistance to change, but rather a resistance to continual change. Many smaller businesses exhibit a reluctance of technology because what they have still works.

Have you upgraded any technology in the past 12 months? Do you have the skills or staff with the skills to handle it?

Or is it something that happens once every 10 years when a burning issue forces the change?

Perhaps this is being a little harsh but I’ve worked with plenty of businesses where the owner did not start the business in the technological age and has not yet grasped it’s importance or the speed that change now occurs.

Consider these 4 reasons to rethink your reluctance of technology

Technological change will accelerate over the coming years

Take a look at this article discussing future trends.

Tracking. This already occurs in all aspects of our life. It helps us to understand things better and will only get more prevalent.

Big Data. In the world of small businesses, “big data” is a fancy word for having all the company data in one big pot. Then using intuitive business systems to enable all employees to extract it for analysis and decision making.

Asking Questions. With access to unlimited information on the web, it’s less about what you know, but more about whether you know how to interrogate the internet to obtain the most relevant information.

Old Habits Stifle Innovation

Some good points have been made in a Linkedin article by Clayton Moulynox.

“if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

There is a risk of a lethargic outlook on technology, a rear looking view, of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Often only updating in a stepped approach every 10 years.

Technology drives business improvement by improving the efficiency of the way of working. It also raises expectations. As a business owner if you know your staff cannot deliver information to make a decision, you adapt your expectations downwards.

Many exciting ideas you may have do not proceed because the “office machinery” – staff coupled with systems, cannot handle it. Improve the mechanics and it allows more confidence to strive for innovative solutions.

Your Competitors Won’t Get Left Behind

With the acceleration of adoption of technology and the economy now picking up, we are surely entering a period where companies can invest for improvement and growth?

Is there the potential for a competitive advantage

How technologically advanced is your industry? How well have your competitors adopted technology? Is there the potential for a competitive advantage in the industry? Would your customers view you more favourably?

The Latest Generation are Technologically Clued Up

Surround yourself with good people who can support you in doing the things you cannot do. You use accountants for tax advice, lawyers for contractual matters.

You don’t need an IT specialist to bring you up to date with technology. The latest generation of young adults have grown up in the technological age. It is second nature to them.

In a small business the youngest person is no longer made to make the tea, instead they are critical for solving the company’s technological issues!

Graduates combine this with the problem solving & analytical skills they have learnt at University. It is a potent mix of skills that can deliver a major improvement to your business.

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