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Graduate Business Academy Workshop – Did they Shape up?

Business AcademyI’ve recently completed the BiY Grad Business Academy workshop to prepare 12 graduates for working in a small business. What I found was an unexpected depth of talent and skill.

The 12 graduates at the Business Academy were keen to contribute & open to new ideas. The resultant business cases were of a quality I’d be happy to use to present to a business owner.

We had two groups of… Continue reading →

The 4 Numbers You Need To Manage Your Business

numbers you need
The numbers you need to run your business are as critical as the dashboard you use when driving your car.

Odometer, speedometer, rear view mirror, warning lights, fuel gauge and estimate of fuel remaining are the measurements in your car equivalent to the numbers you need in your business. Let’s explore these.

1. Cash Forecast

For small businesses, managing cash is crucial. It’s the equivalent of the fuel gauge. It… Continue reading →

7 Key Elements of Successful Projects in Small Businesses

successful projects

Successful projects are as much about planning and structure as they are about delivery. Larger organisations will look to Prince 2 as the basis for the project.

However it is far too unwieldy for smaller businesses. Yet if you strip Prince 2 back to the basics there is a framework that would be flexible enough for a simple project. My Mentored Graduate Programme incorporates all the elements despite there… Continue reading →