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Opportunities for Graduates in SMEs: Why It’s Failing

opportunities for graduates in smesIt’s a myth that graduates do not want to work in a small business.

In a recent report Graduates into Smaller Businesses Research Project 2013 by GTI Media, a tiny c 15% of the permanent jobs were with the blue chip companies. They are the ones active on University campuses.

Not every graduate is suited to joining the corporate world. Many don’t have the grades. So where are the… Continue reading →

5 Ways To Identify Defensive Employees

defensive employees
During tough times like these, it’s understandable that you’ll batten down the hatches.

Word will get out about overhead savings. Does this mean your employees are more likely to dig their heels in? To strengthen their position in the company?

You want the opposite. To see more flexibility in your staff not less.

Defensive employees can stifle the growth you’re trying to achieve

Here are 5 ways in which defensive… Continue reading →

10 Golden Dilemmas in Business

dilemmas in business

How do you keep employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and the local community all happy at the same time in a business?

Its a juggling act that all business owners will be well aware of.

Drawing inspiration from Riding the Waves of Culture by Fons Trompenaars, I’ve compiled the 10 Golden Dilemmas in Business

1. Rewards

Either motivate employees and reward staff.

Or satisfy shareholders with profit.

2. Skills… Continue reading →

How to Identify the One Key Thing your Business Stands For

your business stands for
What is the main purpose for you being in business? Is it clear or do you have to think hard?

How about taking away all the unnecessary “stuff” you do and stripping the business back to the bare minimum?

What is it your business stands for?

I recently read a short book by Simon Hartley called Two lengths of the pool. He regularly holds “Parkinson” style events with Olympic… Continue reading →